Rolled Out the Tewksbury Lodge Digital Presence

“River Fest Park was once a dream, but before that, it was a wasteland. Where buildings once decayed in brownfields along the Buffalo River, where weeds and deer were once the only residents, the new Tewksbury Lodge now lures residents, cyclists, sightseers and boaters to the banks of the revitalized river.” – The Buffalo News

I designed, managed and promoted the Tewksbury Lodge’s website. Peg Overdorf was the general manager who was my oversaw my work.


I worked for the Tewksbury Lodge  from June 2017 to July 2020.

I launched this website; curated it, promoted Buffalo River Fest Park and Tewksbury Lodge events in the blog. I did inhouse photography and photo-edited images; I maintained this WordPress website with updates, plugins, and widgets.

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