A Web Presence for Urbanity

I designed, wrote content, digitally altered photos, and created an online logo for Urbanity – a locally owned and operated business. This was their first website. Prior to their website, they primarily used Instagram for their digital prescence. I incorporated Urbanity’s Instagram feed into the first website. Urbanity offers hair and makeup for weddings and other special occasions. High-end Quality bridal hair and makeup services on location where you are or at our shop on Hertel Ave. Julie Mandel owns, operates, and oversees digital content.


For Urbanity, I have designed, launched, created content, and managed this website from October 2017 to the present.

I used details from photographs of the location to create a brand logo. Check out the repetition of the geometric shapes which are painted on the salon walls. his kind of logo can be effected used on email marketing and on social media platforms for effectively marketing. Your brand should be a reflection of your business.

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