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Crafting a Captivating Online Presence

On this page, I explore the use of photography, image design, and writing to craft my voice. Here, you will see a short portfolio of work to showcase how I use these mediums to express myself in this digital landscape.

Coming Attractions!

Web Design Section


In the early 2000s, I learned to code websites and use Photoshop. As part of this endeavor, I needed images. I began to collect them from various sources. Then, I picked up a camera and took my own pictures. What started as a means to an end quickly became a fascination with pairing words and pictures. For several years, I worked to raise my photography skills to the level of my skills as a writer. You will be taken to the portfolio pages if you click on the pictures.

The images on this website are primarily mine, part of websites I designed, or personal photos.

To view the collection, click on the picture.

Image Editing

Here is a selection of before-and-after photographs. I’ve captured architectural details or unique features like a mural and then stylized them to create a more distinct and personalized image. The following images are examples of my work, which I’ve altered to make logos for websites and a Christmas Card. You can swipe the arrows to see the before and after versions.

Roll over the image to see what was done to the image
I turned this detail into a variation of the Tewksbury's logo
I use it as The Talking Iguana logo
I use it as The Talking Iguana logo


I use snapshots as my Featured Images for my posts. Since most posts are Tales from Ordinary Life, I like to use photos that highlight the moment of whatever I am writing about. I disagree with those experts who recommend using stock images, especially for individuals, small businesses, or local non-profits. Websites are supposed to represent reality. Stock images don’t accurately describe our individual lives or businesses. It’s like going on a date with someone you met online, and instead of seeing the person’s face, they tap a picture of Ryan Gosling on their forehead. Showcasing the real thing, rather than an idealized version, is more relatable. We are already inundated with idealized versions of things. Overly slick and corporate imagery dehumanizes whatever the message. Therefore, I choose to showcase my ordinary life and the pictures we are all taking and digitalizing.

talking iguana logo

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