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Michele Fried – Founder & CEO Adoption STAR

Content Creator – Photography, Image Editing, Writing, Design

The artful arrangement of words that engage and photographs that captivate, whether on a website or social media, remains fundamental to a digital presence. The following comprises a short portfolio of my writing, photography, image editing and design work. I employ these elements to create a unique brand for business and individuals.


In the early 2000s, I learned to code websites and to use Photoshop. As part of this endeavor, I needed images. I began to collect them from various sources. Then, I picked up a camera and took my own pictures. What started as a means to an end, quickly became a fascination with pairing words and pictures. For several years, I worked to raise my photography skills to the level of my skills as a writer.

The images on this website are primarily mine, part of a websites I designed, or personal photos.

Below are a small sampling of my photography. To view photographs on a full screen, click on the picture.

Image Editing

For image editing, I take photos of a client’s business – architectural details or unique features like a mural, to stylize a more distinct and personalized image. The following are images I have altered to create logos for websites.  Swipe the arrows to see before and after.

Roll over the image to see what was done to the image
I turned this detail into a variation of the Tewksbury's logo
I use it as The Talking Iguana logo


I have completed extensive coursework in writing under the tutelage and apprenticeships of notable authors, poets and essayists including Priscilla Long, Brenda Peterson, and Rebecca Brown.

Many of the following essays were originally written during my tenure at Buffalo VibeHeritage Press owner, Marti Gorman edits BuffaloVibe. I contributed 3 essays a month for a year. In addition, my essays have appeared in anthologies, blogs, national newspapers, and magazines.

Website Design and Management

I designed and/or managed the websites showcased here. They are currently live. Some I designed from scratch. Others denote a redesign. I worked with the individuals and businesses represented by these websites to develop and customize a plan that suited their needs. While some had an abundance of content that may have required editing or redirection, others needed both photographs and written content. The design of each site is meant to represent the unique characteristics of the business and individuals: the community center where children’s artwork is used to illustrate services; a digitally altered photograph of a painted wall repurposed as the site’s logo. The written content is often lifted from promotional materials, newspaper articles or other artifacts. Talking Iguana will customize your website’s content and design utilizing detailed, individualized, personal touches.

talking iguana logo

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How would you like your business promoted? Let me designyour business’ digital presence. I specialize in website design, content production, email marketing, and social media strategies.

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