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T his website features a blend of my storytelling (both true and fictional), photography, image editing, and design work. You will find a curated collection of my writing in these categories: Writing my First Novel, Tales from Ordinary Life, Published Work, and Advocacy, which I’ve done on behalf of my kids. The “Work” page houses primarily my photography/design projects.

I am located in Buffalo, NY, doing business as Talking Iguana. See my full resume here.

Thankfully, my business these days is finding meaning in ordinary life.

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Schooled by These Narrative Builders

I have completed extensive coursework in writing under the tutelage and apprenticeships of notable authors, poets and essayists including Priscilla Long, Brenda Peterson, and Rebecca Brown.

Many of the published work on this site were originally written during my tenure at BuffaloVibe. My essays have appeared in anthologies, blogs, national newspapers, and magazines.

I have published essays in magazines, books, and online content— online magazines, social media, websites, email marketing, and blogs.

My Publishing Credits Include:


SUMMARY: Writer, website designer primarily in WordPress, html/css coder, photographer with 4+ years updating and spearheading social media strategies and online content. I have designed websites and social media strategies for business, individuals, and nonprofits.

EDUCATION SUMMARY: I have completed extensive coursework in creative writing, web programming, Adobe Photoshop/Dreamweaver, graphic design, photography and more at the University of Washington Extension, CEPA Gallery, Squeaky Wheel as well as tutelage and apprenticeships with notable authors, poets and essayists.

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