Intro to Novel Writing: Assignment 2

… finally getting around to writing that novel

This is the 2nd assignment in the course INTRODUCTION TO NOVEL WRITING offered by The Writer’s Workshop • The class is taught by Jana Harris • The text used for this class is The Weekend Novelist by Robert J. Ray 
 • October 21, 2020 Assignment 2

ASSIGNMENT 2: In stream-of-consciousness style, write about the following: Recall your first home, or the first home you remember.

In response to my first assignment which was a short profile, the teacher, who is author Jana Harris, responded:

You have your act together—hope that’s not too trite.

Here was my what I wrote to her about her response and the 2nd assignment:

A quick update!

I didn’t think your response to that first assignment was trite at all because not once in my life have I heard that I had “my act together.” The description I am more accustomed to is “hot mess” so I am pretty pleased that I wrote my way into having a teacher of all people believe I have my act together.


I finished the next assignment as well. I will spare you the scrawl of my stream of consciousness writing as I would like to bask a wee bit longer in this act where I have it together!

I am glad I did this assignment – 2 writing sessions so far. I may do one more as I am using my first home and the street for my first chapter. The house is about 2 miles away from where I live now. Also, as a Covid project I converted my mother’s slides from that era so I spent some time there – digitally.

What next?


P.S. You can scroll through the slideshow up top to see my first home. There is an arrow on the sides to flip through. This is my first home and my first family where my first chapter takes place.

This class is funded by a generous endowment to my writing by my mom. She continues evermore to raise me up.

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