Winners from the Erie Co. Fair

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I’ve been submitting my photos to the Erie County Fair Photography contest since 2018, and it’s been such a great experience as an amateur photographer. I’m always excited to showcase my work and see what others have submitted. My most significant achievement so far has been winning first place for portraits. It’s so fun to be recognized for my work. In addition to this, I also received an honorable mention for other photos that I had submitted.

When selecting the best photos to submit for the year, I always seek my friends’ opinions on Facebook and Instagram. I usually give them around ten pictures to choose from that I’ve taken throughout the year. I’m lucky to have a few friends who are professional photographers, and they’re always willing to lend their expertise and give me feedback so I can make necessary edits to the images. Once I’ve selected the photos, I have them printed using printing services. From those, I choose which two look the best in print and submit them to the fair.

Submitting your hobbies to your local county fair is a wonderful way to showcase your skills and gain recognition for your talent. I have had an amazing experience participating in the fair and highly recommend it to all photographers and crafters. So, why not give it a try? You never know where it might lead you. I’m looking forward to seeing what this year’s fair brings!

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