Website Design and Manage: Valley Community Association


Website Design and Management at the Valley Community Association From April 2016 until July 2020, I have designed, created content, and launched the Tewksbury Lodge and The Valley Community Association websites which includes manages blog. online calendar, acting as in house photographer, and photo-edits images. I designed the website with the Wordpress Avada [...]

Creating a Web Presence


A Web Presence for Urbanity I designed, wrote content, digitally altered photos, and created an online logo for Urbanity - a locally owned and operated business. This was their first website. Prior to their website, they primarily used Instagram for their digital prescence. I incorporated Urbanity's Instagram feed into the first website. Urbanity [...]

Collaboration at Cultivate Joy Within


Collaboration with Cultivate Joy Within Cultivate Joy Within is a program of Psychotherapy, EFT/Tapping, and Workshops designed by Ann Marie Cusella to inspire and empower people to live more joyful lives. Ann Marie offered wonderful, inspiring, website-ready text which I formatted. She needed striking visual imagery to help her visitors conceptualize her services. [...]

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